Brand Transformation | Funnel Creation

Haze Media Group is the social media agency of record handling general marketing and content work for Unlabeled Music Services. We help Unlabeled develop effective advertising campaigns and generate effective top-of-funnel brand awareness content to drive lead generation and calls for recording studio time.

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How does Unlabeled Music Services diversify their client-base, distinguish themselves as a leading recording studio in Kansas City, and deliver exceptional quality content that provides value?


Start with quality and consistency first. In the music services industry, there's been a prevailing idea that recording studios cannot scale beyond their core client base. We want to challenge that and implement modern marketing techniques to change conversation about what it is to be a recording studio in 2019.


We generated lead generation funnels and optimized the website to track and capture new potential customers.

  • 30,000+ Impressions
  • Above Average Relevancy On All Ads
  • 9.26% CTR
  • 2.18% CPC