Website Design



A website design is the single most important piece of digital real estate a business can have. Therefore, it’s imperative to take a thorough approach to understand how to draw out the most value from your business website. Our team will sit down with you to truly understand what your business and brand are about, how you interact with your target audience, and how your products improve your customers’ lives. These high-level conversations aid our team in understanding how we can shape your website into a tool you can use to gain new business and effective communication with your products or services.



  • Business Deep Dive

Our team will sit with you to understand how your business works and how we can build a streamlined and simple-to-read version for your website. Our goal is utmost clarity of communication to your audience.

  • Translating What You Do To Digital

Not all businesses are the same or simple to understand. Our goal is to help eliminate as much confusion as possible on your website. We aim to simplify what exactly you do, what your services and products are, how they help others, and how others can purchase from your business.



Once we have nailed down the language and communication pieces of your website, we’ll shift to the presentation.
Web Design & User Interface is an equally, if not more important aspect of your website development. It’s not enough
to just have all the information available to your audience, it must be eye-catching, interactive, tactical, and engaging.
Modern websites guide users through their User Interfaces through use of well-designed systems built to extract action
from your audience in the most efficient way.

  • Competitor Design Research

With the information collected during the conceptualization phase, we’ll research 5-10 websites of direct competitors, industry leaders, and websites in your general market. We’ll present what we think works the best, and how we can create a website that exceeds your current competitor’s websites.

  • Design Mockup Presentation

ur team will create a beautiful mockup of what your website design will look like, how it will function, and the experience customers will have. This design will be the first of a few until we nail down exactly how you’d like your website to look and feel.



Development is the most intensive element of the website creation process. Our team will begin by handling all foundational aspects and needs for a super-fast, optimized website. This starts with the domain and hosting setup and ends with the deployment of a testable version that we open up to you to browse and try out before we allow the public to view and interact with the website.

  • Domain & Hosting

We’ll purchase your preferred domain, and host that domain through one of our preferred vendors. Hosting is one part of the development and website implementation process that you cannot afford to skimp on. Hosting is the bedrock of your website and is responsible for how fast your website will load, and how secure your website will be.

  • Third-Party Implementations

We like to future-proof our websites so that when it’s time to expand, add features, analyze your audience, or advertise to that audience, you’re ready to go. We’ll implement all the latest tracking features, data capture systems, and data analysis tools to help you understand how your audience is using your website, what pages perform best, and how you can use advertisements to reach them, and understand costs.



  • Design to Development

Our team will take all the requirements outlined in our conceptualization and design process and combine them into a useable interface that your customers will interact with. This interface will be based on our primary mockups that you have signed off on.

  • Usability & Action

After our team completed the initial design, we’ll put the website through a number of tests to debug and resolve any usability issues or hiccups. This could be the placement of buttons at the bottom of a page that help the customer navigate, to adjusting how the mobile navigation opens when a user taps on the icon. This is all part of helping create a better user experience.



  • Adding Your Content

Once we have completed functionality development, we’ll start adding in all of the content we’ve compiled during the conceptualization phase. This includes logos, graphics, titles, text, pictures, and videos. This is when your website will really start to take shape.

  • Final Development Checks

After we have completed all the above steps, our team will check your website in full for any functionality, coding, and script errors. We’ll test general speed and run the site through a number of systems to ensure it is stable and ready for the optimization process.



There are a number of different methods our team will go through to optimize existing content on your website, but the first and most important aspects will be completed during and after the development process. On-Page SEO can include but is not limited to the following:


  • Ensuring all pages and page names have canonical text that is structured in order of importance. This includes titles, descriptions, and meta-descriptions.


  • Creating direction on each page towards a specific topic, keyword, and goal. This includes making sure there is enough textual content, photos, and engaging video to encourage your visitor to interact.


  • Inputting relevant backlinks to other topics and pages within your website that encourage your visitor to browse through more of your site and learn more about your business.


  • Check for any content that is repeating, or superfluous. We want original content on each page that can help your website rank higher in search engine results.


  • Ensuring all pages load foundational, text, and additional content as efficiently as possible. This includes
    making photos and videos smaller via compression, and minimizing excessively large-sized elements.


  • Telling your hosting system how to load your website content so that users can see your website as quickly
    as possible when they click your website URL.


  • Serving all of your content through a secured HTTPS system with additional support and hosting of your
    content on third-party super-fast servers.


  • Debugging and fixing any slow working code on the back end of your website that is causing your page
    to load inefficiently.



Off-Page SEO is the process of helping search engines and other useful businesses utilize your website for high-quality content pieces and allowing directories to list your business with its correct address, information, services, and links.


  • Submitting your website to be crawled by google search bots so that they can list your website on search results.


  • Notifying hundreds of online directories of your website, information, address, and phone number, and
    attempting to fix broken links and wrong information currently present.


  • Creating relevant backlinks that send traffic from your website to other relevant websites in your market.



At the conclusion of our Development and SEO stages, our team will deliver a first version of the website in an offline format for you to analyze. We’ll then handle any revisions necessary before handing over all the credentials you’ll need to access your fully optimized and custom website. We’ll then run over the next steps on how to get the most out of your website.

  • How to build your online presence and keep your business showing up on google.


  • Best practices for continuously keeping your website up-to-date with new content and ways to engage your audience.


  • Maintaining your website with updates to the software, hosting, and third-party systems.

Finally, we will deliver your website and set it to go live for all of your audience and user base.



HMG offers all of the above-outlined work in a simple website package. This package includes our communication program, design team, development team, and SEO team. We also offer additional services to help keep your website and brand growing online. Below we’ve outlined all of our costs and noted which services are always included in our costs.

  • HMG Account Management & Communication Program

In order to ensure consistent quality, proper management, and seamless execution of the development of your website we include an account manager and direct point of content, a development lead, and occasionally an SEO lead. Our communication program includes monthly/weekly meetings with our clients including practice-specific planning, status updates, and calls/meetings We also include results reporting across all programs with occasional after-hours support. All of our services include our account management & communication program.



  • HMG Website Concept, Design, Development, and SEO Program

Our team includes all of the outlined services noted above for conceptualization, design, and development. At the completion of development, our SEO team will step in to optimize your website for speed, search engine discovery, indexing, and future growth. This is an integral part of our process. This service is always included due to its importance. This includes up to 2 revisions during the design stage, up to 2 revisions during the development stage, and 1 revision upon first version delivery. Our services are all-inclusive in price and nature. This includes the first costs of the domain, hosting, account setup, and any smaller fees are included in this cost.



Month One:
Our team is in the office with regular business hours, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM. This project is estimated to be completed within 90 business days of the start date and signing of the agreement. Exploration, Research, Initial First Designs, Color Choices, Formats, and compilation of text, photo, graphic, and video content.

Month Two:

Deployment of the domain, hosting, and full-scale web development. Implementation of all necessary pieces of the website. Small-scale testing towards the end of month two.

Month Three:

Revisions and changes, implementation of on-page & off-page SEO. Finishing touches and final deployment + delivery.